2017 Master Amateur Invitational – Flight B

Summary of Callbacks and Drops by Series

S: Scratch P: Pass - F: Fail - Q: Qualified


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No.Dog Name - Breed - SexOwner(s)No. Dogs Starting Series443936332525No.
1J&J's Out Of Town Colonel Ollie MH QAA (OllieScruffy), LMJuliann & James WindhamTom JenkinsJames WindhamPPPPPP1
2Topbrass Pretty Ltl Suped Up 4WD MH QAA (Carry), GFSharon Long & Jackie MertensSharon Long or Allison SinclairPPPF2
3Spoon's Brush Country Raider Casey MH (Casey), LMGary WitherspoonGary WitherspoonPPPF3
4Sugar-Twist Angel of Marks-A-Lot MH25 (Angel), CFDaniel & Carla EppersonDaniel Epperson or Carla EppersonPPPPPP4
5Hunter's Storm Warning in Effect MH (Gale), LFDouglas & Deborah HunterDoug Hunter or Deb HunterPPF5
6Borderline's Blue Angel MH (Blue), LMGenie Hunter-EdwardsGenie Hunter-EdwardsPPPPPP6
7Watermark's A To Z MH QAA (Z), LFRobert MontlerRobert MontlerS7
8J&J's Bear MH QAA (Bear), LMJuliann & James WindhamJames Windham or Charles PughF8
9O'Malley's Magiceyes On Murphy MH (Murphy), LMJim McCurryJim McCurryPPPPPP9
10Frinks Long Shot Belle of Brunswick MH (Belle), LFSteve FrinkKeith Maready or Steve FrinkPPPPPP10
11Borderline's Last Chance MH MNH6 (Chance), LFSallie SullivanSallie SullivanPPPPPP11
12Cavalier Mosby of Parker's Creek MH (Mosby), CMScott & Christina RepassScott RepassF12
13MV Prairie Labs Don't Fail Me Baylee MH (Baylee), LFMarta DuhonMarta DuhonPPPPPP13
14Topbrass U and Tequila Make Me Crazy MH (Tequila), GFSharon Long & Jackie MertensSharon Long or Allison SinclairS14
15Brassfire's Cowboy Casanova MH (Maverick), GMBeth GerdesBeth GerdesPF15
16Smokin 8-9-8 MH (Stogie), LMCharles PughCharles Pugh or James WindhamPPPPPP16
17Julsby Reva California Dreaming Of Remitaz MH (Remi), LFStuart JonesStuart JonesPPPF17
18Run-N-Gun's He's So Fine MH (Mickey), LMVicki & David ChristiansonDavid Christianson or Vicki ChristiansonPPPF18
19Monday Night Smackdown MH (Rock), LMMike & Janice WoodburyMike WoodburyPPPPPP19
20High Tide Nor'Easter MH (Storm), CMMary & Sidney WilliamsMary WilliamsS20
21Abandoned Road's Caffeine Explosion MH (Java), LFCharles & Judy PughCharles Pugh or James WindhamPPPPPP21
22Topbrass One is One Too Many MH (Ruby), GFAllison & Joe SinclairAllison Sinclair or Sharon LongF22
23Nash's Ignition Gun Smoke MH (Smoke), LMSuzanne & Ted CannonTed Cannon or Dave RobertsPF23
24Annie Up II MH (Annie), LFWayne & Dede PatersonWayne Paterson or Dede PatersonPPPPPP24
25Borderline's No Pick MH (Pick), LFSallie SullivanSallie SullivanPPPPPP25
26Motown Magic Man MH MNH4 (Moe), LMJohn HigginsJohn HigginsPPPPPP26
27Miss Molly's Raring To Go MH (Molly), LFCharles StephensGarry StephensPPF27
28Lil Miss Crazy Kate MH QAA (Katie), LFCharles PughCharles Pugh or James WindhamPPPPPP28
29Big Cedar's Stoner Ridge MH (Stoner), LMRoss ChamberlainRoss ChamberlainS29
30You Have Got To Be Kidding MH QAA (Joker), GMBeth SokohlBeth SokohlPPPF30
31Beechglenns St. Teresa MH (Resa), LFJulie OvenJulie OvenPPPPPP31
32Kuventre's Just Like Gene And Roy MH (Chip), GMTom & Sharon LongSharon Long or Allison SinclairPPPPPP32
33Stellar's My Time To Shine MH MNH4 (Asta), LFWendy WotasekMarion Woolie or Marta DuhonPPPPPP33
34Perfect Marx Little Rascal MH (Raz), LMCharles PughCharles Pugh or James WindhamPPPPPP34
35Mijan's Great Danish Finnegan MH (Finn), LMMike & Janice WoodburyMike WoodburyF35
36Wild Wing Rise N Shine MH (Shiner), LMMarion WoolieMarion WooliePPPPPP36
37Borderline's Miss Impossible MH (Imp), LFSallie SullivanSallie SullivanPPPPPP37
38Rippling Waters Shore Bird MH (Birdie), CFMary & Sidney WilliamsMary WilliamsS38
39Castlebay's Harley 'N Tank's Annphibian MH (Annie), LFSarah & James WonnellSarah Wonnell or Jim WonnellPF39
40Medicine Beau Luke Of Black Forest MH50 QAA (Luke), LMKeith & Wendy MareadyKeith MareadyPPPPPP40
41Stellar's Don't Rock The Juke Box MH (Jones), LMDede & Wayne PatersonDede Paterson or Wayne PatersonPPPPPP41
42Kate's Crown Jewel MH (Ruby), LFMichael & Dorothy RuehmanDorothy RuehmanPPPPPP42
43Hickory Sticks Eclipse MH QAA (Clipper), LMMichelle LoveMichelle LoveF43
44Harper's Itchin To Hunt MH (Hitch), LMJoseph HarperJoal HarperPPPPPP44
45Cazador JS Mac MH (Caza), LMKevin McGinnisKevin McGinnisPPPPPF45
46Run-N-Gun's Heat-N-Things Up MH (Cookie), LFDavid & Vicki ChristiansonDavid ChristiansonS46
47Wild Wing Five Star Remington MH (Remi), LFMarion WoolieMarion WooliePPPF47
48Roux's Steamin' Red Hot Blues MH20 (Jazz), GFBeth SokohlBeth SokohlPPPF48
49Dottie's Oakpoint Arley Roase MH (Arley), LFSteve DavisSteve DavisPPF49
50Torgs Chip Off The Old Stoney "Rocky" MH (Rocky), LMSteve & Linda TorgersonSteve TorgersonPPPF50