2017 Master Amateur Invitational – Flight C

Summary of Callbacks and Drops by Series

S: Scratch P: Pass - F: Fail - Q: Qualified


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No.Dog Name - Breed - SexOwner(s)No. Dogs Starting Series494534322926No.
1Salt Marsh Tiger Rose MH41 (Abby), GFDavid & Elaine BoothmanDavid BoothmanPPPPPP1
2Topbrass Murphy's Stout of the Midnight Sun MH QAA (Murphy), GMMichael BuntingMichael BuntingPPPPPP2
3Ferguson's Retired Veteran MH MNH4 (Vet), LMSam Ferguson & Jeannie Mclendon-FergusonSamuel Ferguson or Aurelia CarterPPPPPP3
4Pilkingtons Top Gear MH (Cadell), LMLarry LaukkaLarry LaukkaF4
5HighRoller Marshall Matt Dillon MH50 (Dillon), GMHilda WoodHilda WoodPPPPPP5
6Medicine Manscooking The Books MH (Ledger), LMBeckey MalphusBeckey MalphusPF6
7Happydaugh's Quantum Singularity MH ("Q"), GMAnn & Jeff StrathernAnn StrathernPPPPPP7
8Summers Gusty Breeze MH (Gussie), LFMarty LeeMarty LeePF8
9Watermark's Tall Texan at Rockin-X MH (Tex), GMAlice XanderAlice XanderPPPF9
10Bullet of OSU Baypiont (Bullet), LMBrent BeattyBrent BeattyF10
11Borderline's Irish Whiskey MH (Whiskey), LMAurelia CarterAurelia CarterPPPPPP11
12Heavy Seas Loose Cannon MH QAA (Cannon), LMRalph LamelyRalph LamelyPF12
13Moody's Farm Wuzzy MH QAA (Farmer), LMWilliam Carrington & Kelsi TothKelsi Toth or David CarringtonPPPF13
14Barnes' Mountain Early Spring MH (Spring), LFMike JonesMike Jones & Missy LemoiPPPPPP14
15Ferguson's Retirement Bonus MH (Kash), LMSam Ferguson & Jeannie Mclendon-FergusonSamuel Ferguson or Aurelia CarterPPPPPP15
16Topbrass Magnificent Macgregor MH QAA (Mac), GMMichael BuntingMichael BuntingPPPPPP16
17Salt Marsh Ceilidh Dancer MH65 QAA (Kaylie), GFDavid & Elaine BoothmanDavid BoothmanPPPPPP17
18Brassfire's Attitude sail'n w/Capt'n FLASH MH (FLASH), GMJack & Sue BelickaJack BelickaPPPPPP18
19Money's Blac Colt MH (Colt), LMJanet SowersJanet SowersPPPPPP19
20Bibelot's Tolka Hands Up MH (Ten), PFJack Combs & Mia DiBenedettoJack CombsPF20
21Gibby4 Outdoors New Addeition MH (Yanker), LFThomas & Bonnie GibbsThomas GibbsPF21
22Happydaugh Strikes Gold MH QAA (Striker), GMAnn & Jeff StrathernAnn StrathernPPPF22
23Candlewoods Boss Man at Rockin-X MH (Boss), LMAlice Xander & Mary HowleyAlice XanderPPPPF23
24Koda At My Side MH QAA (Koda), LFRalph LamelyRalph LamelyF24
25Tarhl Itchin' For A Double Mac MH (Max), LMLinwood PotterLinwood PotterPF25
26Aspetucks My Little Margie MH (Margie), LFBetsy Pohl & Robert EhlersRobert EhlersPPPPPP26
27Spinnaker's Jetty Slough MH (Jetty), CFKenneth ButlerKenneth ButlerS27
28CH Duckback Armbrook's Indigo MH (Tiger), LMEllison ArmfieldEllison ArmfieldPPPPPP28
29CH Quillquest Roll's Royce MH QAA (Rosie), FCRFGillian ImpeyGillian ImpeyPPF29
30Diamond of Cody MH (Doc), LMBrent BeattyBrent BeattyPF30
31Windmere's Bea Hooked On A Dare MH (Bea), LFChris JohnsonChris JohnsonPPPPPP31
32Vinwoods Tweety Bird MH (Tweety), LFWilliam Carrington & Kelsi TothKelsi Toth or David CarringtonPPPPPP32
33Mioaks Miss Lillie Langtry MH (Lillie), GFAlice XanderAlice XanderPF33
34Fox Island Ray of Sunshine by Red Branch MH (Sonny), CMBeth TrudelBeth TrudelPPF34
35Gaylan's Old Saint Nick, Naughty Or Nice MH (Nick), GMJack & Sue BelickaJack BelickaPPPPPP35
36JT's Double Trouble Alter Ego MH (Neo), LMJace & Denise TramontinJace Tramontin or Denise TramontinPPPPF36
37Miss Brandy Trinity's Pettaquamscut River Queen MH (Brandy), LFLarry BlasbalgLarry BlasbalgPPPPPP37
38Seaside's Paint The Target MH (Laser), LMFrancis & Nancy PrendergastFrancis PrendergastPPPPPP38
39Aspetucks Hurricane Abbey MH (Abbey), LFRobert EhlersRobert EhlersPPPPPP39
40Hope Lock's Rodeo Rider MH (Rody), LMMissy LemoiMissy Lemoi or Mike JonesPPPPPP40
41Buckhead's Sporting Duke MH MNH QAA (Duke), LMGina BlitchGina Blitch or Pierce BlitchPPPPPP41
42Happydaugh's A Cut Above MH QAA (Cutter), GFAnn & Jeff StrathernAnn StrathernPPPPPP42
43Kyco's Duck Band Quest MH (Bandit), LMFred CollinsFred Collins or Stacey MorrowPPPPF43
44Midnight Argonaut MH (Trek), LMRandy KauffmanRandy Kauffman or Missy LemoiPPPPPP44
45Nina Strong Like Bull MH QAA (Nina), LFRalph LamelyRalph LamelyF45
46Sunfire's Long Hot Summer MH (Ben), GMMichael Book & Barbara BiewerMichael BookPF46
47Lady Boone's Earl Of Pender MH (Pender), LMEllen & Day JordanEllen Jordan or Day JordanPF47
48Smoking Gun's Sweet Thunder MH (Sugar), LFJeff WarrenJeff WarrenPPPPPP48
49Baypoints Get the Duck Tuck MH (Tucker), LMDavid HamelDavid HamelPF49
50Armbrook Girl With Diamonds MH (Trouble), LFEllison ArmfieldEllison ArmfieldPPPPPP50