2018 MAI – Sedalia, MO – Flight A

Summary of Callbacks and Drops by Series

S: Scratch P: Pass - F: Fail - Q: Qualified


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No.Dog Name - Breed - SexOwner(s)No. Dogs Starting Series777471636051No.
1Miss Molly's Raring To Go MH (Molly), LFCharles StephensGarry StephensPPPPPP1
2Topbrass One More Trip To Birdland MH (Maynard), GMGordon Schlichting & Marlene DingmannGordon SchlichtingPPPPF2
3Red Label One More Thyme MH (Thymne), LFRichard & Mary MyersRichard MyersPPPPPP3
4Beechglenns St.Teresa MH (Resa), LFJulie OvenJulie OvenPPPPPP4
5Blackbird's Blu-Moon Eclipes MH (Moon), LMKaren BlackbirdJoe Blackbird or Jace TramontinPPF5
6Ruff Rivers Cori's Mini Ru MH (Rudy), LMJeff BundyJeff BundyPPPPPP6
7Smoking Gun's Sweet Thunder MH (Sugar), LFJeff WarrenJeff WarrenPPPPPP7
8Stellar's Don't Rock The Juke Box MH (Jones), LMDede & Wayne PatersonDede Paterson or Marta DuhonPPPPPP8
9Surefire's Nautical Enforcer MH (Cutter), GMChristine & Alex SchramChris SchramPPPPPP9
10Run-N-Gun's He's So Fine MH (Mickey), LMVicki & David ChristiansonDavid ChristiansonPPPPF10
11FC AFC Topbrass No Time To Paws MH (Flash), GMKaye FullerKaye Fuller or Roger FullerPPPPF11
12KC Royal Crown Jewel MH (Jewells), LFMarc HealeyMarc HealeyPPPPPP12
13Montana Luther's Java MH (Java), LFJames & Bonnie CuddihyBonnie CuddihyPPF13
14J&J's Bear MH (Bear), LMJuliann & James WindhamJames WindhamPPPPPP14
15K-Jo's Swing For The Fence MH (Homer), LMRobert MontlerRobert MontlerPPF15
16Duxbury My Ten Cents MH (Dime), PFJack Combs & Mia DiBenedettoJack CombsPPF16
17Money's Blac Colt MH (Colt), LMJanet SowersJanet SowersS17
18Boo Breeze Tuff Man MH (Tuff), LMMichael PerryMichael PerryS18
19Four Winds O'Reilly MH QA2 (Reilly), LMGreg MurthaGreg MurthaPPPPPP19
20Perfect Marx Little Rascal MH (Razz), LMCharles PughCharles PughPPPPPP20
21Pilkington's Top Gear MH (Cadell), LMLarry LaukkaLarry LaukkaS21
22Stellar's Out Of The Blue Rendezvous MH (Tryst), LFDede PattersonWayne Paterson or Marta DuhonPPPPPP22
23Cazador JS Mac MH (Caza), LMKevin McGinnisKevin McGinnis or Dave ChristiansonPPPPPP23
24Tiger And Auttie's Lil Leftover MH (Lefty), LMHoward Olson & Sig VilagiHoward OlsonS24
25Ironweed Hi-Bird Rascal MH QA2 (Rascal), LMMary GreggMary GreggPPPPPP25
26Kate's Crown Jewel MH MNH (Ruby), LFMichael & Dorothy RuehmanDorothy RuehmanPPPPPP26
27Topbrass Gotta Lovett MH (Lyle), GMMacy & Bob SwiftRobert Swift or Macy SwiftPPPPF27
28OGF Clara Allen MH (Clara), LFDoug DodgeDoug DodgePPPPPP28
29Wingstar Sea Isle Sandpiper MH (Piper), GFAndy SonntagAndy SonntagPPPPPP29
30Cresthill's Bold And Spicy MH40 (Spice), LFWendy BonelloWendy BonelloPPF30
31Duxbury Smoke Jumper MH (Smoke), PMJack Combs & Mia DiBenedettoJack CombsPPPF31
32Stardust Song Cottenham MH (Star), LFJohn CottenhamJohn Cottenham or Henry HarperPPPPPF32
33CaliCreek's Shotgun Rider MH (Rider), LMSarah WillettSarah WillettPPPPPP33
34Topbrass Mister Beau Jangles MH (B.J.), GMCarol ReedCarol ReedPPPPPP34
35JT's Double Trouble Alter Ego MH (Neo), LMJace & Denise TramontinJace Tramontin or Denise TramontinPPPPPP35
36Woods Edge I Did It My Way MH (Frank), LMBetsy & Greg FritzBetsy FritzPPPPPP36
37Lochmar Holly MH (Holly), LFLamar JonesLamar Jones or Marta DuhonPPPPF37
38Salt Marsh Tiger Rose MH59 (Abby), GFDavid & Elaine BoothmanDavid BoothmanPPPPPP38
39J & J's USMC General Walt MH (Walt), GMJames WindhamJames Windham or Charles PughPPPPF39
40Watermarks Maxwells Royal Flush MH (Max), LMNicole & Dan BoettgerDan Boettger or Nicole BoettgerPPPPPP40
41Lochmar Bonnie MH (Bonnie), LFLamar JonesLamar Jones or Marta DuhanPPPPPP41
42MiJan's Great Danish Finnegan MH (Finn), LMMike & Janice WoodburyMike WoodburyPPPPPP42
43Brassfire's Cowboy Casanova MH (Maverick), GMBeth GerdesBeth GerdesPPPPF43
44KC Eyes Of Augustus MH (Auggie), GMRoger FullerRoger Fuller or Kaye FullerPPF44
45Smokin 8-9-8 MH (Stogie), LMCharles PughCharles PughPPPPPP45
46Beechglenns Coastline MH (Bay), LFJulie OvenJulie OvenPPPF46
47CH Day Spring Lucky Penny MH (Copper), FCMDenise SejalonDenise Sejalon or John CottenhamPPPPPP47
48WDBeez Made Of Money QA2 MH (Hondo), LMDiana Jo BursonJo BursonF48
49Harper's Itchin To Hunt MH (Hitch), LMJoseph HarperJoseph Harper or Marta DuhonPPPPPP49
50Healmarks Beautiful Black Betty MH (Betty), LFMarc HealeyMarc HealeyPPPPPP50
51Hatties Brown Camo MH (Mo), LMMichael DulaneyMichael DulaneyPPPPPP51
52JLB Rough's Roman Goddess MH (Juno), LFJason BrionJeff BundyPPPPPP52
53Shedhorn's Montana Luther MH (Luther), LMJimmy & Bonnie CuddihyBonnie CuddihyPF53
54Stellar's Dancing In The Moonlight MH (Star), LFLee HanesLee Hanes or Marta DuhonPPPPPP54
55Son Of Lucifer's Field King MH (Harley), LMElizabeth PaapeElizabeth PaapePF55
56J&J's Out Of Town Colonel Ollie MH (Ollie), LMJuliann & James WindhamJames Windham or Dan BoettgerF56
57Gunsmith's Four-Sixteen Rigby MH (Rigby), LMRonald & Christine NagyChristine Nagy or Ronald NagyPPPPF57
58Stellar's My Time To Shine MH MNH5 (Asta), LFJack MorrisMarta DuhonPPPPPP58
59Kelakye Cowgirl's Pipe Dream MH (Piper), GFCarol ReedCarol ReedPPF59
60Git R Done Luther MH (Luther), CMJames FieldsDean FieldsPF60
61Lil Miss Crazy Kate MH QA2 (Katie), LFCharles PughCharles PughPPPPPP61
62Deepwoods Charlie Hustle MH (Pete), LMBob & Nancy NeipertBob Neipert or Nancy NeipertPPPPPP62
63Dreammeyer Call Down The Thunder MH QA2 (Echo), LFWanda FrontadoWanda FrontadoS63
64Watermarks Lean Persueder MH (Suede), LMRobert RitchieStacy Ritchie or Robert RitchiePPPPPP64
65PVS RoxStar MH QA2 (Jagger), LMLee Bilke & Kyle HensenLee BilkePPPPPP65
66Bravhart KC Run For The Border MH QA2 (Jessie), GMKaye FullerKaye Fuller or Roger FullerPPPPPP66
67MV Prairie Labs Don't Fail Me Baylee MH (Baylee), LFMarta DuhonMarta DuhonPPPPPP67
68Topbrass City Limits MH (Austin), GMMacy & Bob SwiftRobert Swift or Macy SwiftPPPPPP68
69Grady's Southern Dream Girl Mardi Gras MH (Mardi), LFCarol & Jeff LoweCarol Lowe or Jeff LoweF69
70Sunfire Beretta Silver Hawk Of High Farms MH12 (Hawk), GMRobert & Virginia WorrestRobert Worrest or Virginia WorrestPPPPPP70
71Kelakye Gaffey Beau MH (Gaffey), GFHenry HarperHenry HarperPPPPPP71
72OGF Woodrow MH QA2 (Woodrow), LMDoug DodgeDoug DodgePPPPPP72
73CH Pathway's Tygrrsaurus Rex Of Fair Haven MH (Tygrr), LMPaul GrimmPaul GrimmPPF73
74Stellars Proud Mary MH MNH6 (Mary), LFBob & Nancy NeipertBob Neipert or Nancy NeipertPPPPPP74
75J&J's Pink Dynamite MH (Pink), LFJuliann & James WindhamJames WindhamPPPPPP75
76Salt Marsh Ceilidh Dancer MH82 (Kaylie), GFDavid & Elaine BoothmanDavid BoothmanPPPPF76
77Hi-Top's Sudden Impact MH50 (Crash), GMCarol YoungCarol YoungS77
78Harpers Kick It On Back MH (Kicker), LMJoseph HarperJoseph Harper or Marta DuhonPPPPPF78
79DJ Beez That'll Do Daisy MH (Daisy), LFDiana Jo BursonJo BursonPPPPPP79
80Abandoned Road's Caffeine Explosion MH (Java), LFCharles & Judy PughCharles PughPPPPPP80
81Pocataligo's Sweet Georgia Brown MH (Sweet), BoyFGregg Parker & Kim ParkmanGregg ParkerPPPF81
82Ghostryder's Go She Bee Stingin' MH (Laila), LFCarol ReedCarol ReedS82
83Beau Chene's Lady Sings The Blues (Lena), LFMarta DuhonMarta DuhonPPPPPP83
84Bibelot's Tolka Hands Up MH (Ten), PFJack Combs & Mia DiBenedettoJack CombsPPPPPP84