2018 MAI – Sedalia, MO – Flight B

Summary of Callbacks and Drops by Series

S: Scratch P: Pass - F: Fail - Q: Qualified


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No.Dog Name - Breed - SexOwner(s)No. Dogs Starting Series756762534746No.
1Firemark's Not Just An Illusion MH (Magic), GMKatie HeardKatie HeardPPF1
2Borderline's Miss Impossible MH (Imp), LFSallie SullivanSallie SullivanPPPPPP2
3Happydaugh Strikes Gold MH (Striker), GMAnn & Jeff StrathernAnn StrathernPPPPPP3
4CH Richwood Sophie's Magic Moment MH (Puk), GMLeslie AndersonLeslie AndersonPPPPPF4
5Orion's Filmmaker MH (Gus), LMKate MacartneyCindy TulpaF5
6Aspetucks Hurricane Abbey MH (Abbey), LFRobert EhlersRobert EhlersPPPPPF6
7Windmere's Bea Hooked On A Dare MH QA2 (Bea), LFChris JohnsonChris JohnsonPPPPPP7
8Birch Bay IROC N Roll MH (Rocker), GMDennis EsserDennis Esser or Kevin BunnellS8
9Ferguson's Retired Veteran MH MNH5 (Vet), LMSam & Jeannie FergusonSam Ferguson or Aurelia CarterPPPPPP9
10Dandesg The Dude Don't Dance MH (Dude), LMJohn Dawber & Barry BellemareJohn Dawber or Barry BellemarePPPF10
11Borderline's Blue Angel MH (Dude), LMGenie Hunter-EdwardsGenie Hunter-Edwards or Sarah WonnellPPPPPP11
12Asterion Twist Of Fate MH30 (Trek), LMCindy TulpaCindy Tulpa or Ted de LoozePPPPPP12
13Topbrass Magnificent MacGregor MH (Mac), GMMichael BuntingMichael BuntingPF13
14Weebe Sawtooth's Sic'emmore MH (Sawyer), GMSean RiceMegan Baker or Tom LehrPF14
15Tinstar's Son Of A Gun MH (Shooter), LMLaura JuddLaura JuddPPPPPP15
16Laird's Mademoiselle Mars MH (Mars), LFGloria & Fred NusbickelGloria Nusbickel or Fred NusbickelPPPPPP16
17Wyco's Lena-Linda Con Besos MH (Lena), LFRandall GerbinoRandall GerbinoPPF17
18Elihus Creek Incredible Jourey MH (Journey), LMKaren DemanKaren DemanF18
19Mad River's Little Star Chencho MH (Chencho), LMTim WilliamsTim WilliamsPPPPPF19
20Cabo San Lucas Chica Loco MH (Chica), LFBrook DouglasBrook Douglas or Kevin BunnellPPF20
21Baypoints Get The Duck Tuck MH (Tucker), LMDavid HamelDavid HamelPPPPPP21
22Topbrass One Is One Too Many MH (Ruby), GFAllison & Joe SinclairAllison Sinclair or Sharon LongPPPPPP22
23High Times Applejacks Mike MH (Copper), GMDolores & Randy HaneyDolores Haney or Susan MartinsonPPPPPP23
24Topbrass Shurshot Gunz A Blazin' MH16 (Ruby), GFHilda WoodHilda WoodPPPPPP24
25Swing Shift MH (Alice), LFDavid & Nikki IlliasDavid Illias or Nikki Berthold-IlliasPPPPPP25
26Candlewoods Shoot To The Plug MH (Gunner), LMEd WojciechowskiEd Wojciechowski or Ted de LoozeS26
27Brassfire's Attitude Sail'n With Capt'n Flash MH (Flash), GMJack & Sue BelickaJack BelickaPPPPPP27
28Murphy's Sugarbritches Radley MH (Radley), LFDavid MurphyDavid MurphyPPPPPP28
29Happydaugh's A Cut Above MH (Cutter), GFAnn & Jeff StrathernAnn StrathernPPF29
30MPR'S One For The Road MH (Shooter), LMKevin BunnellKevin BunnellPPPPPP30
31Ferguson's Retirement Bonus MH (Kash), LMSam & Jeannie FergusonSam Ferguson or Aurelia CarterPPPPPP31
32High Tide Nor'Easter MH (Storm), CMMary & Sidney WilliamsMary WilliamsPPPF32
33Dogleg's Boondoggle MNH4 (Boon), LMGloria & Fred NusbickelFred Nusbickel or Gloria NusbickelPPPPPP33
34In-Transit MH25 (Fed-X), GFMegan Baker or Tom LehrMegan Baker or Tom LehrPPPPPP34
35Tarhl Itchin' For A Double Mac MH20 (Max), LMLinwood Potter, Jr.Linwood Potter, Jr.PPPPPP35
36Miss Brandy Trinity's Pettaquamscut River Queen MH (Brandy), LFLarry BlasbalgLarry BlasbalgPPPPPP36
37Borderline's No Pick MH (Pick), LFSallie SullivanSallie SullivanPPPPPP37
38Code 3 Three From The Ring MH50 MNH (Woody), LMPaul McGinnisPaul McGinnis or Analee McGinnisS38
39Stellar's Running In Order MH (Rio), LFRobert RascoeRobert RascoePPPPPP39
40TQ Essex MH (Essex), GFCarmen & Karsten KueglerCarmen KueglerPF40
41Tango Dauninge Sunshine On A Cloudy Day MH (Patch), GMCarol & Thomas HaasCarol Haas or Thomas HaasPPPF41
42Muddyrivers Emma's Mischief Maker MH (Otter), LMRichard & Lynn EllisRich Ellis or Lynn EllisPPPPPP42
43Kuventre's Just Like Gene And Roy MH (Chip), GMSharon & Tom LongSharon Long or Allison SinclairS43
44Field Of Dreams Turnout Gear MH MNH4 (Turner), LMNancy & James BauerJames BauerPPPPPP44
45Bar The Door Dixie Green Timber MH (Dixie), LFMickey LathemMickey Lathem or Aurelia CarterPPPPPP45
46Maverick De Tidewater MH (Maverick), LMAnnette & Robert PachecoAnnette Pacheco or Kevin BunnellPPPPPP46
47Seaside's Paint The Target MH (Laser), LMFrancis & Nancy PrendergastFrancis PrendergastPPF47
48High Points Asterion Flint Stone MH (Stone), LMCindy Tulpa & Sharon TalleyCindy Tulpa or Ted de LoozePPF48
49Castlebay's Harley 'N Tank's Annphibian MH (Annie), LFSarah & James WonnellSarah Wonnell or James WonnellPPPPF49
50Sunfire's Long Hot Summer MH25 (Ben), GMMichael Book & Barbara BiewerMichael Book or Barbara BiewerS50
51Topbrass Murphy's Stout Of The Midnight Sun MH (Murphy), GMMichael BuntingMichael BuntingPPPPPP51
52Aspetucks My Little Margie MH (Margie), LFRobert Ehlers & Betsy PohlRobert EhlersPPPPPP52
53Dogleg's Snake Eyes Pair-A-Dice MH MNH (Deuce), LMGloria & Fred NusbickelGloria Nusbickel or Fred NusbickelPPPF53
54Deke's Step & Fetch It MH QA2 (Junior), LMDon GarrettDon GarrettPPPPPP54
55Twin Pine Falline Thomas MH (Thomas), LMJoey & Alexander EdsallJoey Mead-EdsallPPF55
56Ferguson's Memorial Day Sniper MH (Snipe), LMSam & Jeannie FergusonSam Ferguson or Chris BodinePF56
57Camas Go Big Or Stay Home MH QA2 (Camas), LFLarry HillLarry HillPPPPPP57
58Weebe Adirondac's One Wild Ride MH (Rodeo), GFMegan Baker & Tom LehrMegan Baker & Tom LehrPPF58
59PC's You're The One MH MNH (Keeper), GFJanet WoodJanet Wood or Kevin BunnellPPPPPP59
60Happydaugh's Quantum Singularity MH (Q), GMAnn & Jeff StrathernAnn StrathernF60
61HighRoller Marshall Matt Dillon MH66 (Dillon), GMHilda WoodHilda WoodPF61
62Quarry Run's Rock Of Ages MH (Roxy), LFMark & Kimberly FrederickMark FrederickPPPPPP62
63Remington Sure Shot Of Kinnaman's Joplin MH (Remi), LFDave MarkhamDave Markham or Ted de LoozePPPPPP63
64Topbrass U And Tequila Make Me Crazy MH (Tequila), GFJackie Mertens & Sharon LongSharon Long or Allison SinclairS64
65Murphy's Sugarbritches Boo MH (Boo), LFDavid MurphyDavid MurphyF65
66Gaylan's Old Saint Nick, Naughty Or Nice MH (Nick), GMJack & Sue BelickaJack BelickaPPPPPP66
67High Velocity Arrow XT MH (Dash), LMKeith KiesowJames BauerF67
68Hope Lock's Rodeo Rider MH (Rody), LMMissy LemoiMissy LemoiS68
69High Times Terramisu MH (Terra), GFSusan MartinsonSusan Martinson or Dolores HaneyPPF69
70Wetlands Black Pearl MH (Pearl), LFKevin & Pamela BunnellKevin BunnellPPPPPP70
71Dogleg's Bigboyleroy MH (Leroy), LMGloria & Fred NusbickelFred Nusbickel or Gloria NusbickelPPPF71
72Blue Eyed Blonde MH (Barbie), LFDavid & Nikki IlliasDavid Illias or Nikki Berthold-IlliasPPPPPP72
73Rippling Waters Shore Bird MH (Birdie), CFMary & Sidney WilliamsMary WilliamsPPPPPP73
74Borderline's Irish Whiskey MH (Whiskey), LMAurelia CarterAurelia Carter or Sam FergusonPPPPPP74
75Adirondac's Weebe Put'n A Hex On You MH50 (Voodoo), GFMegan Baker & Tom LehrMegan Baker & Tom LehrPPPF75
76Code 3 Steel Magnum MH (Maggie), LFPaul McGinnisPaul McGinnis or Analee McGinnisS76
77Marquis Diamond Remy MH (Remy), PMTed de LoozeTed de Looze or Ed WojciechowskiF77
78Tall Oak's Boomerango MH (Rango), LMRobert RascoeRobert RascoePPPPPP78
79Douglas's Jet Stream MH (Jet), LFBrook DouglasBrook Douglas or Kevin BunnellF79
80Old Lyme's Breakwater Light MH (Rocket), GFCarmen & Karsten KueglerCarmen KueglerPPPPPP80
81Arrowhead's Little Mischief MH (Chief), LMKeith KiesowJames BauerPPPPPP81
82Justin Time Salty Margarita MH (Rita), LFDianne & Randy ClarkDianne Clark or Randy ClarkPPPPPP82
83Topbrass Pretty Ltl Suped Up 4WD MH (Carry), GFJackie Mertens & Sharon LongSharon Long or Allison SinclairS83
84Dottie's Oakpoint Arley Rose MH (Arley), LFSteve DavisSteve DavisF84