2020 MAI – Corning, CA

Summary of Callbacks and Drops by Series

S: Scratch P: Pass - F: Fail - Q: Qualified


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No.Dog Name - Breed - SexOwner(s)No. Dogs Starting Series727267525044No.
1Rattlin Ridge's Willin O Ranmar MH (Alice), LFRandy & Diane ClarkRandy Clark or Dianne Clark PF1
2Starlights Lil Bear MH MH60 (Bear), LMBob & Andrea DuttonBob DuttonPPPPPP2
3Nichols's Deja's Light RN MH (Deja), LFNancy NicholsNancy NicholsPPF3
4Autumn's Klondike Kate MH (Kittie), LFTom QuarlesLaura Judd PPPPPP4
5Wetlands Black Pearl MH MNH (Pearl), LFKevin & Pamela BunnellKevin Bunnell or Brook Douglas PPPPPP5
6Magicgold Ruff Times CCA WCX MH (Nico), GFBruce HayesBruce Hayes or Ardith Osborn PPPPPF6
7Citadel's TNT Hurricane MH (Cane), LFBarbara HawleyBarbara HawleyPPF7
8Alabama Moon Bear MH (Moon), CFJohn GammonJohn Gammon or Kevin Bunnell S8
9Cloudyy Skyy MH (Cloudyy), LFAlice WoodyardAlice WoodyardPPPPPP9
10Justin Time Salty Margarita MH MNH4 (Rita), LFDianne & Randy ClarkDianne Clark or Randy Clark PPPPPP10
11Autumn's Ruffcut Diamond At Fernhaven MH (Lucy), LFJean & Charles FowlerJean Fowler PPPPPP11
12Tinstar Autumn's Real Sweet Deal MH (Honey), LFLaura JuddLaura JuddPPF12
13Havin A Flippin Good Time MH (Flip), LMDoug DuncanDoug DuncanPPPPPP13
14Camas Go Big Or Stay Home MH QA2 (Camas), LFLarry HillLarry HillPPPPPP14
15Sir Riley Merganser of Creswell MH26 MNR (Riley), LMDonn PeacockDonn PeacockPF15
16Emberain 3.14 MH16 (Pi), GMRoy FrayRoy FrayPPPPPP16
17Birch's Grizzly MH (Grizzly), LMMichael BirchMichael BirchPPPPPP17
18Castile Creeks Emancipation Proclamation MH (Abe), LMBecky WilliamsBecky WilliamsPPPPF18
19Los Alamos Tules MH (Tule), LFMadeleine JexMadeleine Jex or Susie Gallagher PPPPPP19
20Kenai's Yukon King MH MNH (Yukon), LMJim MartinJim MartinPPF20
21Tiger Mtn Haunted Shaq MH QA2 (Rip), LMDoug RandazzoDoug RandazzoPPPPPP21
22Healmarks Sam I Am MH (Sam), LMBecky WilliamsBecky WilliamsPPPPPP22
23Remington Sure Shot Of Kinnaman's Joplin MH (Remi), LFDave MarkhamDave MarkhamPF23
24Jesus Saves MH (Wilma), LFKit McClurgKit McClurgPPPPPP24
25Illias' Here's Lucy MH (Lucy), LFDavid & Nikki (Berthold) IlliasDavid Illias or Nikki Berthold-Illias PPPPPP25
26Topgun Have A Little Faith MH (Faith), LFWilliam WollWilliam WollPPPPPF26
27MPR'S One For The Road MH MNH (Shooter), LMKevin BunnellKevin Bunnell or Brook Douglas PPPPPP27
28Utah's Elite Mission For Ducks MH (Ellie), LFDoug RandazzoDoug RandazzoPPPPPP28
29Pacific Expresso Wallace MH (Wallace), LMEmily & Mark SlichterMichael O'Bannon or Debra Chun PPPPPP29
30North Rims Stark Ravin' Mad MH (Zani), LFJennifer HoodJennifer Hood or Clay Fewell PPPPPP30
31Late Night Trick Or Treater MH (Trixi), LFRhonda Reed & Richard GebhartRhonda Reed PPPPPP31
32Brassfire's Its5oclocksomewhere WCX MH (Tipsy), GFChris BraswellChris BraswellPPPF32
33Hui Nalu's Royal Flush With A Joker NA NF MH (Ali'i), LFDebra Chun & Michael O'BannonDebra Chun or Michael O'Bannon PPPPPF33
34Wister's Raving Loon A Tic MH (Raven), LFScot HuffmanScot HuffmanPPPPF34
35Govner MH (Govner Brown), LMLarry Taylor & Bei CollinsLarry Taylor or Clay Fewell PPPF35
36Wild West Posse Point Man MH (Wyatt), LMAnnette & Robert PachecoAnnette Pacheco PPPPPP36
37Swing Shift MH (Alice), LFDavid & Nikki (Berthold) IlliasDavid Illias or Nikki Berthold-Illias PPPPF37
38Remy's Leon Of Poodle Sense WCX UWC MH (Leon), PMTed de Looze & Sandy VanceTed de Looze PF38
39Indy Ann's Raney Day Feelin' MH (Indyu), LFJohn GeamesJohn GeamesPPF39
40JT's Double Trouble Alter Ego MH MAR MNR (Neo), LMJace & Denise TramontinJace Tramontin PPPPPP40
41Citadel's TNT Lightning Sabre MH (Sabre), LFBarbara HawleyBarbara HawleyPPPPPP41
42Merganser's Mr. Cooper MH (Cooper), LMSteve & Susan SouderSteve Souder or Susan Souder PPPPPP42
43Rockerin St. Brennan Rathtrillick MH (Brennan), GMScott BakerScott BakerPPPPPP43
44Glen Lake F-One-O-Wonder MH QA2 (VooDoo), LMScotty SewardScotty SewardPPF44
45Magicgold's Red Sky At Morning RE CCA WCX MH (Hazy), GFCatherine ColleyCatherine ColleyPPF45
46Citadel's Lil Blue Collar G-Man MH (Blue), LMSteve & Susan SouderSusan Souder or Steve Souder PPPPPP46
47Awrey's Guns A Blazin WCX MH (Dylan), GMChristine Hempel Christine Hempel PPPPPP47
48Old Man's High Flying Goose MH30 MNR (Goose), LMDennis DanielsonDennis Danielson or Greg Bingham PPPPPP48
49Cacciatrice Mac MH (Cassie), LFKevin McGinnisKevin McGinnisPPF49
50MPR'S Top Gun MH (Goose), LMPamela & Kevin BunnellKevin BunnellPPPPF50
51Obsidian Corinna Corinna MH (Corinne), LFRobert & Katie MearnsKatie Mearns PPPPF51
52Acedo's Maya RE NF CGC TKN AX AXJ MH (Maya), LFMaribel AcedoMaribel AcedoPPF52
53Annetts Milo (Milo), LMJason AnnettJason AnnettPPPPPP53
54Firemark's Remy Run For The Gold MH (Remy), GMJudy & Jerry DrumJudy Drum PPPPPP54
55Marstad Blessings On Tap AX AXJ SWN MH (Raven), LFChristine Hempel & Maureen DegnanChristine Hempel PPPPPP55
56Pacific Expresso Riley MH50 QA2 (Riley), LMCarol Callison & Michael O'BannonMichael O'Bannon or Debra Chun S56
57Starlights Red Bull MH MH46 MNR (Bull), LMBob & Andrea DuttonBob Dutton PPPPPP57
58Crown Hill Ayla MH QA2 (Ayla), LFDan MyersDan MyersPPPPPP58
59Cazador JS Mac MH (Caza), LMKevin McGinnisKevin McGinnisPPPPPP59
60Starlights MacKenzies Son Of A Gov MH (Dude), LMLarry TaylorLarry Taylor or Clay Fewell PPPPPF60
61Stickponds Abra-Ca-Dabra MH (Magic), LFBecky WilliamsBecky WilliamsPPF61
62Douglas' Jet Stream MH (Jet), LFBrook DouglasBrook Douglas or Kevin Bunnell PPPPPF62
63Citadel's Lean Grade Aspen MH (Aspen), LFDavid & Barbara HawleyBarbara Hawley PPF63
64Onedrdogs Wings Over Water MH (Flyer), GMHolly Krohn & Charles PetersonHolly Krohn PPPPF64
65Marley's Esa Of Bin Harley MH (Esa), LFLarry & Kathy KimbleLarry Kimble PF65
66Steeler XXV MH (Steeler), LMBrook DouglasBrook Douglas or Kevin Bunnell PPF66
67Citadel's Cinder MH (Cinder), LFDavid & Barbara HawleyBarbara Hawley PPF67
68Butte City Tessa MH (Tessa), LFGeorge ChandlerGeorge ChandlerPPF68
69Fern Hill Panda's Sunday Best WCX MH (Violet), GFBruce HayesBruce Hayes or Ardith Osborn PPPPPP69
70Alabama True Romance MH (Bama), LFBob & Kara DuttonBob Dutton PPF70
71Romans 12:12 MH (Salah), LFKelly Curry & Kevin McGinnisKevin McGinnis PPPPPP71
72Windbreakers Maisie Day MH (Maisie), GFJudy & Jerry DrumJudy Drum PPPPPP72
73Blue Ford's Tricked-Out Hot Black Java MH (Java), LFRhonda ReedRhonda ReedPPPPPF73
74Briarglen's Triple Play MH (Player), LFKim LivingstonKim LivingstonPPPPPP74