2021 MAI – Emporia, VA – Flight A

Summary of Callbacks and Drops by Series

S: Scratch P: Pass - F: Fail - Q: Qualified


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No.Dog Name - Breed - SexOwner(s)No. Dogs Starting Series888676625847No.
1Murphy's Sugarbritches Radley MH (Radley), LFDavid MurphyDavid MurphyPPPPPP1
2Chosen Spot's Splash Of Tequila MH (Splash), LMNorma & Dennis WilcoxDennis WilcoxPPPPPP2
3RAB Jersey Girl MH (Jersey), LFDebbie BodnerDebbie BodnerPPPPF3
4Watermarks Maxwells Royal Flush MH MNH (Max), LMNicole & Dan BoettgerDan BoettgerPPPF4
5Cheerio's Rowdy James T Rascal MH (Rowdy), GMAnne MillaneAnne MillanePPPPPP5
6Castile Creeks Under Pressure MH (Gauge), LMCharles PughCharles Pugh or James WindhamPPPPPP6
7Pinetree's Noah MH (Noah), LMClint EverettClint EverettPPPPPP7
8Silverbrooks Born To Boogie MH (Boogie), LMJeffrey VarnJeffrey VarnPPPPF8
9Double Up Drake MH (Drake), LMLynn TiceBill Hunt or Rick RandlemanS9
10Chosen Spot's Black Ice Warning MH (Ice), LMDennis WilcoxDennis WilcoxPF10
11Fema City's Butter My Buns MH (Hope), LFNicole Boettger & Pat TaphornDan Boettger or Nicole BoettgerPF11
12Rock N Roll Born 2 Run MH QA2 (Bruce), LMMacy SwiftMacy SwiftPPPPPP12
13Sunfire's Brandy Of Notch Hill MH (Brandy), GFChris ReynoldsChris ReynoldsPPPPPP13
14Midways Machismo MH (Macho), LMCharles PughCharles Pugh or James WindhamPPPPPP14
15Stellar's Don't Rock The Jukebox MH MAH (Jones), LMDede PatersonDede PatersonPPPPPP15
16MBR'S One Wing In The Fire MH (Scorch), LMClint EverettClint EverettPPPPF16
17CH Shore Breakers Splash Of Lily MH (Lily), CFTed GentryTed GentryPF17
18Chosen Spot's Ripping River Wilderness Warrior MH70 (River), LFDennis & Norma WilcoxDennis WilcoxPPF18
19Ten Lakes lieutenant Dan MH (Dan), LMDan BoettgerDan Boettger or Nicole BoettgerPF19
20Romans 12:12 MH (Salah), LFKelly Curry & Kevin McGinnisKevin McGinnis or Tim WilliamsS20
21Lil Miss Crazy Kate MH MAH (Katie), LFCharles PughCharles Pugh or James WindhamPPPPPF21
22Corbin's Axle from Rattlesnake Creek MH (Axle), LMCorbin HuntBill Hunt or Rick RandlemanPPPPPP22
23Bristol Cove's Scout MH (Scout), LMTim & Tonya WilliamsTim Williams or Kevin McGinnisPPPPF23
24South Fork's Black is the New Yellow MH (Emmy), LFDavid CoffeyDavid CoffeyPPPPPP24
25Lambert Boudreaux Pierre MH (Boudreaux), BoyMDavid LambertDavid LambertPF25
26Ten Lakes Leather And Lace MH (Naughty), LFMidge BoettgerDan Boettger or Nicole BoettgerF26
27Wisdoms Companion MH (Patience), LFDede & Wayne PatersonDede PatersonPPF27
28Rockerin St Brennan Rathtrillick MH (Brennan), GMScott BakerScott BakerPPPPPP28
29Abandoned Road's Caffeine Explosion MH MNH4 MAH (Java), LFCharles PughCharles Pugh or James WindhamPPPPPP29
30Cacciatrice Mac MH (Cassie), LFKevin McGinnisKevin McGinnis or Tim WilliamsPPPPPP30
31Mad River's Little Star Chencho MH (Chencho ), KMTim WilliamsTim Williams or Kevin McGinnisPPPPF31
32Buddy's Black Moutain Gunner MH (Gunner), LMWilliam AllenCary AlsobrookPPPF32
33Topbrass City Limits CD RE MH46 (Austin), GMMacy & Robert SwiftRobert Swift or Macy SwiftPPPPPP33
34High Points Asterion Flint Stone MH26 (Stone), LMCindy Tulpa & Sharon TalleyCindy TulpaPPF34
35Dottie's Oakpoint Arley Rose MH (Arley), LFSteve DavisSteve DavisPPPPPP35
36Baypoints Get the Duck Tuck MH (Tucker), LMDavid HamelDavid HamelPPPPPP36
37Erin's Surprise All Maxxed Out MH (Mia), LFJoseph HarperJoseph Harper or Wayne PatersonPPPPPP37
38TiTon's Big Star Of Fidelis MH (Caleb), LMTim, Tonya & Lindsey WilliamsTim Williams or Kevin McGinnisF38
39Cazador JS Mac MH (Caza), LMKevin McGinnisKevin McGinnis or Tim WilliamsPPPPPP39
40Gold Leaf's Wanna Be Like Spike MH (Nelly), LFEllen & Day JordanDay Jordan or Ellen JordanPPPPPP40
41Big Pappy's Mr. T MH (Tee), LMCary AlsobrookCary AlsobrookPF41
42Oakpoints Made In Mora MH (Mora), LFSteve DavisSteve DavisPPPF42
43Asterion Twist Of Fate MH35 (Trek), LMCindy TulpaCindy Tulpa or Denise SejalonS43
44Harper's Itchin To Hunt "Hitch" MH (Hitch), LMJoseph HarperJoseph Harper or Wayne PatersonPPPPPP44
45Stellars Proud Mary MH MNH8 (Mary), LFBob & Nancy NeipertBob Neipert or Nancy NeipertPPPPPP45
46Gunsmith's Little Miss Sure Shot MH (Annie), LFChristine & Ronald NagyChristine NagyPPPPPP46
47Wynwood's Storm Warning MH (Clipper), GMJohn McKellopJohn McKellop or Robert RogersPF47
48Day's I Double Dog Dare Ya MH (Dare), LFEllen JordanDay Jordan or Ellen JordanPPF48
49River's Run Wild Black Cloud MH (Stormy), LFJames & Juliann WindhamJames Windham or Charles PughPPPPPP49
50Orion's Filmmaker MH30 (Gus), LMKate Macartney & Cindy TulpaCindy TulpaPPPPPP50
51Oakpoints Preach On Sister- Esther MH (Esther), LFSteve DavisSteve DavisPPPPPP51
52Harpers Kick It On Back (Kicker) MH30 (Kicker), LMJoseph HarperJoseph Harper or Wayne PatersonPPPPPP52
53Deepwoods Johnny Be Good MH (Johnny), LMBob & Nancy NeipertBob Neipert or Nancy NeipertPPF53
54RP Dyn-O-Mite MH (R), LMDan CatonDan Caton or Karl BlackwellPPPPPP54
55Tanbark's Lambeau Leap MH (Jordy), GMBrittne HouchinBrittne Houchin or Catherine KanousePPPPPF55
56Old Lyme's Dashing Girl Niantic MH (Pepper), GFCarmen KueglerCarmen KueglerPPF56
57High Fivin' Hank Of Pebble Hill MH (Hank), LMJeff SpoonJeff Spoon or Rick RandlemanPPF57
58J & J's USMC General Walt MH (Walt), GMJames WindhamJames Windham or Charles PughPPPF58
59Watermark's Go Get You Some Gus MH (Gus), LMSteve DavisSteve DavisPPPPPP59
60Beechglenns St. Teresa MH (Resa), LFJulie OvenJulie Oven or Steve DavisPPPPPP60
61Scrum-Diddly-Umptious MH (Yum), LFDan CatonDan Caton or Karl BlackwellPF61
62Deepwoods Charlie Hustle MH (Pete), LMNancy & Bob NeipertBob Neipert or Nancy NeipertPPPPF62
63Watermark's Stellar Caper MH (Caper), LFLee HanesLee HanesPPPPF63
64Old Lyme's Amiable Chester MH16 (Chester), GMCarmen & Karsten KueglerCarmen KueglerPPPPPP64
65CH DaySpring Lucky Penny MH30 (Copper), FCRMDenise SejalonDenise SejalonPPPPF65
66PVS RoxStar MH23 QA2 (Jagger), LMLee Bilke & Kyle HensenLee BilkePPPPPP66
67Beechglenns Coastline MH (Bay), LFJulie OvenJulie Oven or Steve DavisPPPPPP67
68Chesamos Steaming Hot Cocomo MH (Coco), CFSusan AygarnSusan AygarnPPPPPP68
69Griffin's Beau of Flatrock 3rd MH (Beau), LMRobby GriffinRobby GriffinPPF69
70Watermarks Hidden Treasure MH (Pearl), LFWayne & Dede PatersonWayne PatersonPPPPPP70
71Sunfire's Long Hot Summer CDX VER RA CGC MH50 (Ben), GMMichael Book & Barbara BiewerMichael Book or Barbara BiewerPF71
72Hunter's Storm Warning In Effect MH (Gale), LFDouglas & Deborah HunterDouglas Hunter or Deborah Hunter - MOVED TO BM72
73Thunderstruck Murphy Margaret MH (Murphy), GFSarah BjorkmanKurt Bjorkman or Chris ReynoldsPPF73
74Waterwheels Medicine Woman MH7 (Quinn), LFBrandon JamesBrandon JamesPPPPF74
75Hatties Brown Camo MH (Mo), LFMichael DulaneyMichael DulaneyPPF75
76Kingseeds Heir to the Throne MH QA2 (Duke), LMRobert & Lori RogersRobert RogersS76
77Stellar's Out Of The Blue Rendezvous MH (Tryst), LFDede & Wayne PatersonDede PatersonPPPPPP77
78Gaylan's Olde St Nick Naughty Or Nice MH42 MAH (Nick), GMJack & Sue BelickaJack BelickaPPPPPP78
79Pemberley's Rime Time MH (Rime), GFLinda (Bunkfeldt) & James PoppLinda Popp or Sionag BlackPPPPPP79
80Ahoy Dark Beauty MH (Mae), LFRick RandlemanRick Randleman or Bill HuntPPF80
81K-Jo's Swing For The Fence MH (Homer), LMRobert MontlerRobert MontlerPPPPPP81
82Adirondac Tracks in the Wilderness CD RA MH (Tracker), GMDawn TerrillDawn TerrillPPPPPP82
83High Times Applejacks Mike MH61 (Copper), GMDolores & Randy HaneyDolores Haney or Randy HaneyPPPPPP83
84Pemberley's Un Flambeau MH (Torch), GMCatherine KanouseCatherine Kanouse or Sionag BlackPPPPF84
85Fowl Weather's Swamp Thing MH16 (Gator), LMLinda Bunkfeldt PoppLinda Bunkfeldt Popp or Bill HuntPPPPF85
86Brassfire's Attitude Sail'N W Capt'N Flash MH MAH (Flash), GMJack & Sue BelickaJack BelickaPF86
87MACH2 Magicgold's Blame It On Reo MXS MJG MXF TQX T2B MH (Reo), GFLinda Bunkfeldt PoppLinda Bunkfeldt Popp or Sionag BlackPPPPPP87
88Havin A Flippin Good Time MH (Flip), LMDoug DuncanDoug DuncanPPF88
89Wildwing She's Got Rhythm MH (Cha Cha), GFSionag BlackSionag Black or Linda Bunkfeldt PoppPPF89
90Martha of Beanshill MH (Martha), LFDonald ChamberlainDonald ChamberlainS90
91There Is No Fire Like Passion MH (Flame), GFTom JacksonTom JacksonPPPPPP91
92Briarglen's Triple Play MH (Player), LFKim LivingstonKim LivingstonPPPPPP92
93CaliCreek's Shotgun Rider MH (Rider), LMSarah WillettSarah WillettPPPPPP93
94Argus MH (Argus), PMDaniel CassidyDaniel CassidyPPF94
95Topmast True Grit RN MX MXB MXJ MJB NF CCA CGC MH7 (Mattie), GFPatricia & Randal McKinneyPatricia McKinney or Randal McKinneyS95