2021 MAI – Emporia, VA – Flight B

Summary of Callbacks and Drops by Series

S: Scratch P: Pass - F: Fail - Q: Qualified


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No.Dog Name - Breed - SexOwner(s)No. Dogs Starting Series908680767054No.
1Elliott Armbrook's Indigo Splash MH (Splash), LMEllison Armfield & Carole MorseEllison ArmfieldPPPPF1
2Aspetucks My Little Margie MH MNH (Margie), LFBetsy Pohl & Robert EhlersRobert EhlersS2
3Norwood's Saucy Pepper MH (Pepper), LFJanet SowersJanet SowersPPPPPP3
4Montana Luther's Java MH (Java), LFJames & Bonnie CuddihyBonnie Cuddihy or James CuddihyPPPPF4
5Wyco's Lena-Linda Con Besos MH MNH (Lena), LFRandall GerbinoRandall GerbinoPPPPPP5
6Wildrose Mickwhiskey MH (Mick), LMDelbert AkinDelbert AkinPPPPF6
7Dr Watson Tybee-DixieTreat-Indy MH (Indy), BMMichael & Vanessa WatsonMichael WatsonPPF7
8Reese's Rocket & Rolling Ringneck MH (Ring), LMBrian ReeseBrian ReesePPPPF8
9Armbrook Sweet Magnolia MH (Mags), LFEllison Armfield & Carole MorseEllison ArmfieldPPPPPF9
10Aspetuck's Take It Down The Field Brady MH (Brady), LFRobert EhlersRobert EhlersPPPPF10
11Red Devil's Chances R WCX MH24 (Chances), GMStuart HendersonStuart HendersonPPPPF11
12Lady Of Curles Neck MH (Lady), LFJanet SowersJanet SowersPPPPPP12
13Cypress Creeks Traveling Man MH (Sonny), LMLawton HayesLawton HayesPPPPPP13
14Prime Time Four's a Full House MH (Jessie), LFRandall GerbinoRandall GerbinoPPPPF14
15Davis' Black Label MH (Mabel), LFDiane & Tom DorrohDiane DorrohPPPPF15
16Dude's Ole Virginia Odis MH (Odis), LMJames & Bonnie CuddihyJames Cuddihy or Bonnie CuddihyPPPPPP16
17Black Majick's Bringing Sexy Back MH (Diva), LFTom & Patricia McKenzieTom McKenziePPPPPP17
18Ferguson's Memorial Day Sniper MH (Snipe), LMSam & Jeannie (McLendon) FergusonSam FergusonPPPPPP18
19In-Transit MH25 (Fed-X), GFMegan Baker & Tom LehrMegan Baker or Tom LehrPPPF19
20Mardi Gras Take The Money And Run MH QA2 (Buck), LMCarol & Jeff LoweCarol LowePPPPPP20
21Topbrass Murphy's Stout Of The Midnight Sun MH (Murphy), GMMichael BuntingMichael BuntingPPPPPP21
22Windmere's Bea Hooked On A Dare MH QA2 (Bea), LFChris JohnsonChris Johnson or Robert RascoePPPPPP22
23Remi The Wild Child Of Cypress Creek MH (Remi), LFLawton HayesLawton HayesPF23
24Warrior River Bottom Huck MH QA2 (Huck), LMTom & Tricia McKenzieTom McKenziePPF24
25Dogleg's Hip Pip 'N Pray MH (Pip), LFFred & Gloria NusbickelFred NusbickelPPPPPP25
26Deke's Step & Fetch It MH QA2 (Junior), LMDon GarrettDon GarrettPPPF26
27Ferguson's Retirement Bonus MH MNH4 (Kash), LMSam & Jeannie (McLendon) FergusonSam FergusonPPPPPP27
28Texas Troubador's Lady Piper BB Of Riverside MH (Piper), LFAndy & Liz AndersonAndy AndersonPPF28
29Mardi Gras Let the Good Times Roll MH (Roux), LFCarol & Jeff LoweCarol LowePPPPPP29
30Grindstone Salt Creek Tiger Boy BN MH (Tiger), GMElbert Traylor & Chris LehmannElbert TraylorPPPPF30
31Zoomin' Zoey MH (Zoey), LFPierce Blitch IIIPierce Blitch or Gina BlitchPPPPF31
32Triple Crown's Dora's Pinch Of Chavez MH (Chena), LFTom & Tricia McKenzieTom McKenziePPPPPP32
33Borderline's Miss Impossible MH MAH (Imp), LFSallie SullivanSallie SullivanPPPPPP33
34Kelakye Cowgirl's Pipe Dream CGC CCA MH (Piper), GFCarol ReedCarol ReedPF34
35Bubba's Long Lost Relative MH (Cuz), LMDon GarrettDon GarrettPF35
36Stellar's Running In Order MH MNH3 (Rio), LFRobert RascoeRobert Rascoe or Chris JohnsonPPPPPP36
37Miss Brandy Trinity's Pettaquamscut River Queen MH MAH (Brandy), LFLarry BlasbalgLarry BlasbalgPPPPPP37
38Twin Pine Falline Thomas CD MH (Thomas), LMJoey (Mead) & Alexander EdsallJoey Mead EdsallPPPPPF38
39Maxx's Top Prize MH (Maxxie), LFLee NelsonLee NelsonPPPPF39
40Dogleg's Bobo In Earnest MH (Ernie), LMGloria NusbickelGloria NusbickelPPPPPP40
41Borderline's No Pick MH MAH (Pick), LFSallie SullivanSallie SullivanPPPPPP41
42Topbrass Mister Beau Jangles CGC CCA OS MH (B.J.), GMCarol ReedCarol ReedPPPF42
43Duxbury My Ten Cents MH30 (Dime), PFJack Combs & Mia DiBenedettoJack CombsS43
44High Tide Nor'Easter MH (Storm), CMSidney & Mary WilliamsMary WilliamsPPPPPF44
45Tall Oak's Boomerango MH (Rango), LMRobert RascoeRobert Rascoe or Chris JohnsonPPPPF45
46Miss Sally M&T's Pettaquamscut River Queen MH (Sally), LFLarry BlasbalgLarry BlasbalgPPPPPP46
47ATP's Answer To Prayer MH (Bloux), LMDan ZimanskiDan ZimanskiF47
48Tarhl Itchin' For A Double Mac MH QA2 (Max), LMLinwood Potter, JrLinwood Potter, JrPPPPPP48
49Sterre All Terrain CD MH (Tuffy), GMKathy GuerraKathy GuerraPF49
50Dolan's Hurricane Kate MH (Kate), LFCharles DolanGina Blitch or Pierce BlitchPPPPPP50
51Coleman's Halt And Catch Fire DN MH (Moses), LMBeth ColemanBeth ColemanPPPPPP51
52Borderline's Miss Independence MH (Indy), LFSallie SullivanSallie SullivanPPPPPP52
53Duxbury Smoke Jumper MH30 (Smoke), PMJack Combs or Mia DiBenedettoJack CombsPPPPPP53
54High Tide's Miss Mullet MH (Mullet), CFSidney & Mary WilliamsMary WilliamsPPPF54
55Kingseed's Rival Of That State Up North MH (Rival), LMEric WhitacreEric WhitacrePPPPPP55
56CG's Enjoying The Journey MH (Meares), LFGarry StephensGarry StephensPPPPPP56
57Pops Blazin The Trail Andy MH (Andy), LMWilson "Boogie" LeJeune Jr.Wilson "Boogie" LeJeune Jr.PPPPPP57
58Macie Jayne Of Magnolia Farms MH (Macie), LFLynn AbbottJim AbbottPPPPPP58
59DND Dances With Fire UDX NA CCA VCX MH (Fire), GFDora & Dan HeffelfingerDora Heffelfinger or Dan HeffelfingerPPPPPP59
60Kingseeds Courageux Beauregard MH (Beau), LMJim & Chris EtchillJim EtchillPPPPPP60
61PJ's Riverboat Queen MH MNH4 (Q), LFTimothy & Nancy BassTimothy BassPPPPPP61
62Brassfire's Cowboy Casanova CDX WCX MH (Maverick), GMBeth GerdesBeth GerdesS62
63Shurshot Fire On The Mountain MH (Kaitlyn), LFHilda WoodHilda WoodPPPPPP63
64MACH Firemark Danica's All Revved Up WCX MH (Dani), GFJamie BrownJamie Brown or Carol HynesPPPPPP64
65Lorfield's I Get Around CCA WCX MH40 MNH4 (Cruz), GMCarol HynesCarol Hynes or Jamie BrownF65
66Field of Dreams Turnout Gear MH MNH6 MAH (Turner), LMNancy & James BauerJames Bauer or Nancy BauerPPPPPP66
67Believe's Rev N Up For Adventure MH (Quest), NSDTMMary de LamerensMary de LamerensF67
68Candlewoods Shoot to the Plug MH (Gunner), LMEd WojciechowskiEd WojciechowskiS68
69Topbrass Travelin' Man CD MH (Seger), GMJudith & Donald JenningsJudith Jennings or Renee SchultePPPPF69
70Brushy Creeks Happy Go Lucky MH (Happy), LFAmy SturinoAmy SturinoPPPPPP70
71Quarry Run's Rock of Ages WC MH (Roxy), LFKimberly & Mark FrederickMark FrederickPPPPPP71
72Hunter's Storm Warning In Effect MH (Gale), LFDouglas & Deborah HunterDouglas Hunter or Deborah Hunter - FROM APF72
73Arrowhead's Little Mischief MH MAH MNH (Chief), LMKeith KiesowKeith KiesowPPPPPP73
74Turner's Water Cannon MH (Cannon), LMNancy & James BauerNancy Bauer or James BauerPPPPPP74
75Marsh & Glen's Dash For Hope MH (Dash), LFEd WojciechowskiEd WojciechowskiS75
76Son Of Lucifer's Field King MH30 (Harley), LMElizabeth PaapeElizabeth PaapePPPPPP76
77Weebe Sawtooth's Sic'emmore RN WCX MH26 (Sawyer), GMSean RiceSean RicePPPPPP77
78Kelakye Gaffey Beau MH (Gaffey), GFHenry (Winn) HarperHenry Harper or Carol HynesPPPPPP78
79Rockin Z's Slim Harpo Scratch My Back MH (Izzy), LFAmy SturinoAmy Sturino or Elizabeth PaapePPPPPP79
80Neu's Dark Side Of The Moon MH (Floyd), LMJeff NeumannJames Bauer or James SmithPPPPPP80
81High Velocity Arrow XT MH (Dash), LMKeith KiesowKeith KiesowPPPPPP81
82Lance's Florida Connection Mr J MH (Jake), LMEd & Lynn WojciechowskiEd WojciechowskiS82
83Livin' At The Waters Edge MH (Eve), LFJane SullivanJane SullivanPF83
84Beantown's Harvard Scholar MH (Ivy), LFJohn Dawber or Barry BellemareJohn DawberPPPPF84
85Trey Ol Number 3 MH (Trey), LMJim GregoryJim Gregory or Amy SturinoPPPF85
86Blue Ford's Tricked-Out Hot Black Java MH (Java), LFRhonda ReedRhonda ReedPPPPPP86
87JT's Double Trouble Alter Ego MH MAH (Neo), LMJace & Denise TramontinJace TramontinPPPPPP87
88Seaside's Paint The Target MH (Laser), LMFrancis & Nancy PrendergastFrancis PrendergastPPPF88
89Wynwood's Over The Top MH (Topper), GMRenee SchulteRenee Schulte or Henry HarperPPPPF89
90Kawohni Moon's Will-O'-The-Wisp MH (Willow), LFPaul SmithPaul Smith or James BauerPPPPPP90
91Hope Lock's Rodeo Rider MH (Roby), LMMissy LemoiMissy LemoiPPPPPP91
92Great Lakes Magnum Blue Tide MH (Blue), LMPatrick DalyPatrick DalyPPPPPP92
93Sunfire Beretta Silver Hawk Of High Farms CCA WCX MH39 (Hawk), GMRobert & Virginia WorrestBob Worrest or Ginny WorrestPPF93
94Rolling Hill's Train Robber MH (Rob), LMMegan & John MeadowsMegan MeadowsPPPPPP94
95Late Night Trick Or Treater MH (Trixi), LFRhonda Reed & Richard GebhartRhonda ReedF95
96Wynwood's Take A Chance On Me OD MH (MeMe), GFRenee SchulteRenee Schulte or Henry HarperPPPPF96
97#72 - Shurshot Six Degrees Closer WC MH26 (Kyra), GFHilda WoodHilda Wood - SCRATCHS97